Housekeeping and basic stealth for Raspberry Pi with Kali Linux

Prepare your gear for enemy territory

Raspberry Pi with Kali Linux I hope you have not missed Raspberry Pi, the single-board computers created for promoting teaching of basic computer science in schools, but have found usage in so many ways. One such usage is portable ‘hacking stations’ where the Raspberry Pi is operated by an OS for penetration testing, most commonly the Kali Linux distro. For the penetration tester in the field it can be very convenient to have a portable rig that can crack Wi-Fi passwords, spoof networks, audit systems and much more. [Read More]


Information Gathering

Reconnaissance This is the first part in my blog series on the Kill Chain where I go deeper into the parts of the Unified model. This part is about the reconnaissance phase. What is it? Reconnaissance, is yet another term from the military world, it is “the exploration outside an area occupied by friendly forces to gain information about natural features and other activities in the area” (Wikipedia). By using various detection methods you obtain information about the activities and resources of your opponent. [Read More]

Search engine on my own

How to explore the nets with a little less trust

Search engine on my own The algorithms where getting too close. It felt like someone constantly was watching me. Looking over my shoulder. Noting down what I was writing. Feeding it back to me in the form of advertisements. I decided something had to change. I decided that I needed my own search engine. When conducting searches, you give away a trace of metadata. Since I no longer trust Google, Bing, etc with my data (and neither should you), I’ve long been using the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo. [Read More]

The Kill Chain

Models of Cyber Intrusion

The Kill Chain There is this concept of the “kill chain” in the area of penetration testing. As you would expect, the term comes from the military. As Wikipedia explains, it first was used to describe the phases of a military attack; first target identification, then force dispatch to target, then decision to attack target, and finally the destruction of the target. Cyber Kill Chain It was Lockheed Martin that started to apply this concept to information security. [Read More]

Making this blog

Components of No Magic Software

It’s 2018 and you want a blog How would you build a blog-site in 2018? That was the question I started with. I’ve been blogging now and then, but last time was some years ago. Now I feel the need to have, if nothing else, a public notebook I can use as reference in the future. Well, it took some digging to find out the right components for making a blog that fulfilled my requirements. [Read More]